This first book in the Dana Greer mystery series creates a believably conflicted female Catholic detective. Dana Greer must strive to solve the murder of a child against the backdrop of a wonderfully-rendered 1950s Maine island society. Issues of good and evil, of religion and hypocrisy, of truth and lies between men and women, enrich the novel. We can look forward to future entries in the series with delighted anticipation.

–Wayne Ude, Former Director of the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts MFA program

Smart, funny, and genre-bending.

–Best selling author Jacquelyn Mitchard

…UNHOLY SECRECTS, is a deliciously creepy, devilishly cleaver mail-biter….Throwing one twist at you after another, author Boswell deftly spins a hair-raising tale of murder, deception, secrets and lies. Once you pick up UNHOLY SECRETS, you won’t be able to put it down.

–New York Times Bestselling Author: Kevin O’Brien

Unholy Secrets debuts the gritty Dana Greer mystery series…with its first episode set in coastal Maine I the 1950s. Cape Peril embodies all the insularity of a small community fiercely protective of its secrets while struggling with the puritan constraints of mid-century society….With religious undertones and Mob connections, this twisted and fast-paced story is hugely compelling….I guarantee you will want to read the entire series.

–Lee Murray, prize winning New Zealand author of science fiction, fantasy, and horror

I love a good mystery and this one did not disappoint. More than once I thought I had it all figured out, but Delphine Boswell took me on turn after turn as Detective Greer and I discovered new information together.

–Judy B. Hardwick, blogger