Short Stories

“Tomorrow’s Children”
Perfect Flaw
Published by Seventh Star Press

“Tomorrow’s Children” is a chapter excerpt from the novel After Shocks that looks at a future dystopian society in the year 2091 when, as a means of population control, parents are forced to take their children to the Cryopreservation Center to be frozen until future notice.


“Interview with a Patient – 494772”
Mental Ward: Stories from the Asylum Anthology
Published by Sirens Call Publication

“Interview with a Patient – #0494772” is about a third-year Neuro-Psych student conducting an interview with a psychotic schizophrenic patient, accused of murdering one of the nurses at the Eloise Mental Hospital, where he is institutionalized.


“Holy Angels”
Monsters! Anthology
Published by A Flame in the Dark and Diminished Media Group

“Holy Angels” is a Christian horror about a creature who returns to a small island parish, Holy Angels” to perform a duty, to carry out a service against those parishioners he sees as modern-day Pharisees.


“Purple Pen Prevention”
Glimpses of Insanity Anthology
Published by RainStorm Press
Available on

“Purple Pen Prevention” is about a college English instructor who suffers from OCD of a rare variety and finds herself taking it out on the student papers she grades and, ultimately, on the psychiatrist who treats her.


“The Mardi Gras Masquerade”
Make a Wish Anthology
Published by Project of Static Movement
Available at

“The Mardi Gras Masquerade” is about Jewel Marshall who works in Systems & Repairs at the Bartley by the Bay Hotel in downtown New Orleans who when given the opportunity to make a wish, wishes for something that will change his life forever.


“Wanted: Babies”
Satan’s Toybox Terrifying Teddies Anthology
Published by Angelic Knight Press
Available on

“Wanted: Babies” is a classic horror tale of a young couple who have waited twelve years to have a child, and when RayAnn finally delivers a beautiful baby girl, little does she know that someone else wants her baby just as badly.


“The Dogma of the Barbaric Sand Tiger”
Published and available at Thumbnail Magazine


Published by Filthy Secret Books


Published by Filthy Secret Books


“The Neighbor”
Published by Sounding Review, a literary journal of the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts



After Shocks – A Dystopian Novel
In progress


Unholy Secrets – A Dana Greer Mystery Series (MFA Thesis)

A self-inflicted abortion. . .an illicit love affair. . .a baby racketeering scheme. . .murder

Unholy Secrets is a noir mystery which is similar in style to Irish writer Benjamin Black’s Christine Falls along with the noir tone of Tess Gerritsen’s The Sinner.

A missing child’s body is found in a marshy bog on Cape Peril, Maine in 1952. Private investigator Dana Greer, who is running from a failed marriage as well as a cold case in Bangor, is intent on finding the murderer. One of a few female detectives in the country, she is up against a male-dominated profession, where she is continually forced to prove her competency. A series of long kept secrets, ranging from a mayor’s daughter who has aborted her child, a love affair between a newly professed nun and a married man, and an illicit baby marketing scheme run by a prominent Catholic family, serve to complicate the case.

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