Unholy Secrets – A Dana Greer Mystery Series (MFA Thesis)

A self-inflicted abortion. . .an illicit love affair. . .a baby racketeering scheme. . .murder

Unholy Secrets is a noir mystery which is similar in style to Irish writer Benjamin Black’s Christine Falls along with the noir tone of Tess Gerritsen’s The Sinner.

A missing child’s body is found in a marshy bog on Cape Peril, Maine in 1952. Private investigator Dana Greer, who is running from a failed marriage as well as a cold case in Bangor, is intent on finding the murderer. One of a few female detectives in the country, she is up against a male-dominated profession, where she is continually forced to prove her competency. A series of long-kept secrets, ranging from a mayor’s daughter who has aborted her child, a love affair between a newly professed nun and a married man, and an illicit baby marketing scheme run by a prominent Catholic family, serve to complicate the case.


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