The Takeover – 2071

2113:  An Oral History of the Last God

Published by Subtopian Press

Trevor D. Richardson, founder of the Subtopian Press, commented, ” With little to go on and almost no prompt, twenty-five authors teamed up anonymously to offer their concepts of future history and how society fell. As themes began to show through, a story took shape entirely on its own and it became this book. This is not an anthology or a collection, it is a novel with more than two dozen authors, a cohesive narrative about the people, places, and strife that led to the fall of the world as we know it.”

“The Takeover -2071” is a chapter excerpt from the first book in my trilogy AFTER SHOCKS. The oppressive government, the National Association of Patrolling Officers, on the island of Domicile enacts a new ruling called the Anti-Conception Law in an effort to curtail population growth. Adhara takes her blind, thirteen-year-old daughter to the hospital to have the procedure only to learn some shocking news!


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