Then and Now

After the Fall
Published by Boo Books  (purchase)

Alex Davis, Editor of After the Fall has this to say about my short story, “Then and Now” offers. . . [an] upbeat message on what life might be like in a future without all of our gadgets and devices.” “Then and Now” is a story that explores what happens when a group of men officially employed by the United States Government, called the Technology Exterminators, issue an edict that on the 31st  day of December 2016, citizens of all ages who possess any technological device and/or equipment must meet at a fire pit assigned to their respective neighborhoods wherein all such items must be tossed.


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  • Delphine Boswell

    Delphine Boswell is a published writer of fiction who writes suspense, mystery, psychological horror, and dystopian stories. Her short stories have been published in numerous anthologies, and she has written seven novels to date.
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    This first book in the Dana Greer mystery series creates a believably conflicted female Catholic detective. Dana Greer must strive to solve the murder of a child against the backdrop of a wonderfully-rendered 1950s Maine island society. Issues of good and evil, of religion and hypocrisy, of truth and lies between men and women, enrich the novel. We can look forward to future entries in the series with delighted anticipation.
    Wayne Ude, Director of the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts MFA program
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