Prince of Blood – 1603

Why? A Collection of Mysterious Tales

Published by Zimbell House Publishing

The back cover of this anthology states, “In Why? A Collection of Mysterious Tales, we hope to answer two questions: Who Did It? and Why? With fifteen short stories by twelve emerging writers, our sleuths uncover a plethora of reasons for murder with suspicious characters throughout.”

In “Prince of Blood – 1603,” Dominic Fresco plans to don the scarlet wool cassock trimmed in matching silk, marking him a Cardinal of the Catholic Church, but life takes a dramatic curve when he meets Valenzia, a woman with long, black hair and piercing brown eyes, at the Beatro’s Cellar.



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  • Delphine Boswell

    Delphine Boswell is a published writer of fiction who writes suspense, mystery, psychological horror, and dystopian stories. Her short stories have been published in numerous anthologies, and she has written seven novels to date.
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    If you are a fan of science fiction you’ll love this book. Each author has given his or her take on the future and all the various problems and societal ills that it might contain. Each story takes existing topical problems and forecasts their conclusions in the future. I have always been a fan of Harlan Ellison, Larry Niven, Ray Bradbury and Issac Asimov, just to name my absolute favorites. Perfect Flaw exhibits a great spectrum of authors who now fall into my list of “new and to be read…
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