Delphine Boswell expresses her fondness for writing with the words of John Steinbeck, “I nearly always write just as I nearly always breathe.”  For her, writing is not a job, not a career, but a passion that excites her more than anything else she has ever done.

In the past thirteen years, she has written several novels in a multitude of genres, consisting of suspense, mystery, psychological horror, and dystopian fiction.  All of her writing has a dark tone to it, and it is not any wonder that one of Delphine’s favorite authors is Joyce Carol Oates.  In addition to novels, Delphine has had a multitude of short stories published. From 80,000 word novels to a Hemingway six-word contest in which she won first place, and to everything in between, Delphine cannot stay away from her love of writing.

Once an idea comes to her, she sees it as bookends: a beginning and an end.  Her next step is to find her cast of characters who, she claims, become so familiar that she believes she could identify them if they were to walk down the street.  Delphine has an easy-going writing style in that she allows her characters total free will.  At this point, she likes to think of herself as a scribe who records the dialogues, the inner monologues, and actions of her characters as quickly as they respond to the circumstances they create.  Often, this means they will find themselves up against a wall, but somehow, they always find a way out and, sometimes, they even take it upon themselves to change the ending for her.

Delphine also taught college students about the art and believed that she had accomplished her goal if her students left the classroom with a joy of writing.

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