When a Loser Comes Out a Winner

Not all losses are necessarily bad things.

 At the recent Killer Nashville International Writers’ Conference, the second book in my Dana Greer Mystery Series, Unholy Secrets, was nominated for the Silver Falchion Award. When the drum roll finished, the envelope was opened, and the winner announced, I was ready to clap for the winner, which I did.

When I asked myself why I felt happy for the winner and not discouraged with being the loser, I had plenty of answers.

Two years ago, I had attended the same conference. I was in the process of doing final revisions for my first novel. I had no books to sign or sell, and I had not volunteered to teach on any of the conference panels.

Two years later…today… I feel like a winner. I am presently at work on novel #4, Whispering Remorse, which takes place during a brutal winter storm at a retreat house, high in the Rockies. At the Killer Nashville Conference this year, I was able to sign the first two books in my series, Unholy Secrets and Silent Betrayal, and I taught on two panels:  Plot Twists and Writing Characters a Reader Cannot Forget. And only days after my third book came out, I got a five-star review on Amazon!

I may not have won an award yet, but in my mind, I feel like a winner!