Where Do A Writer’s Ideas Come From?

Where Do Ideas Come From?
If you’re like me, I’m always interested in learning where author’s ideas come from. The plot for my soon-to-be-released second novel Silent Betrayal came from an experience I had while an undergraduate student at Wayne State University in Detroit.
It was during a criminology course that my fellow students and I visited a boys’ prison. Although I can no longer remember the name of the place or if it still exists, I do remember it well. Young boys, no more than six- or seven-years of age lined single file with their arms crossed behind their backs as they marched through the corridors.
Then, and now for that matter, I still wonder what crimes these children could possibly have committed. Their faces cleanly scrubbed, their cheeks rosy, they appeared more like innocent cherubs than convicted prisoners.
Hence, from this memory, came the idea for my book. What if a young boy, convicted of a horrendous crime, was found murdered in his cell?
Like finding just the right puzzle piece, ideas came together, and a new story was born.
Dana Greer, P.I. is called onto the case by the Archbishop of Dallas.  Her efforts to solve the young boy’s murder are thwarted at every turn by the corruption, intolerance, and narrow-mindedness of the town of Punkerton, Texas. Silent Betrayal takes you behind the damp, dark walls of a boy’s prison run by an order of Catholic monks, where no one is quite who they appear to be.
Coming soon…Silent Betrayal